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Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage loves the Satellite Beach Manatees. 

Selling homes here, especially the ones on the wonderful Satellite Beach Canals is a treat. In the winter we are treated to a beautiful migration.    Check out this video of our local celebrities .. The Satellite Beach manatees..  Love this video from Wes Henry !!!   How would you like to live on a canal filled with these beautiful celebrities?  Check out our property at 309 Berkeley Property Website !!!

About Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage – Satellite Beach, FL 

Laura D Hazlett has been a broker for over 7 years and in the Real Estate Management Industry for over 20 years. She is a proud mother of a college graduate, a graduate of University of Miami, and a successful business owner.  Laura’s no-nonsense approach to real estate makes transactions easy, because of her direct style of communication and her team of successful partners. Her husband, Mark, serves as the CFO and provides great insight for investors and commercial real estate enthusiasts.  You get a great team when you work with Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage.

Laura has assembled a great team of Agents. Selected with professionalism and a concierge approach to clients and vendors, Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage Agents are the best in their field.  They are selective with their client base which proves to be an effective way to serve all clients with world-class service.

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Selling a home in 2016? Here’s what you need to know – Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage

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983 Long Meadow Street View 2Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage experts wanted to share this article.

Selling a home can be a stressful experience. If you expect to put your home on the block at some point in 2016, here are some key factors for you to keep in mind before you address issues and concerns to make the best possible deal.

It’s a seller’s market … Many homeowners remember the fallout that the housing bust had on real-estate prices. Even though most investors think of the financial crisis as having hit its peak in 2008 and early 2009, it took three more years for home prices to hit bottom. Yet since early 2012, prices have climbed higher, and the Case-Shiller National Home Price Index is coming within spitting distance of matching its highs from 2006 and 2007.

Hot markets like San Francisco have seen some housing-boom-era practices return to favor, with many reports of bidding wars that result in offers well above the asking price. By contrast, areas where economic prospects are less favorable have never fully recovered from the housing bust. The more lucrative a region’s economic future appears to be, the easier you can expect it to be to sell a home. … but mortgages could get more expensive One key factor in how much sellers receive for their homes is how much buyers can afford. Low mortgage rates have helped fuel price increases in recent years. But some now fear that with the Federal Reserve having begun a new cycle of rate increases, a move higher for mortgage rates could make homes less affordable. Related: Why mortgage rates are NOT going up now, but… So far, the tiny quarter-point boost that the Fed made in mid-December hasn’t pushed mortgage rates appreciably higher. Historically, though, tightening has generally led to increased rates on mortgage loans. Sellers need to be prepared for greater difficulty for prospective buyers trying to get financing. Tax benefits still favor home sales The biggest tax break for ordinary taxpayers is still the exclusion on capital gains for the sale of a personal residence. Single taxpayers can exclude up to $250,000 in gains from the sale of a home from tax, and joint filers get a double-sized exclusion of $500,000.

First, the property in question has to be your main home. In addition, to get the full exclusion, you have to have lived in the home for at least 24 months in the past five years. You can’t have claimed a home-sale exclusion on tax returns for the previous two years. In some cases, partial exclusions are available, but getting specific tax advice from your accountant or tax professional is essential to make sure you’re aware of all the tax implications of a home sale. Get help at the right price Most homeowners use a real-estate agent to help market and sell their homes. Historically, the typical 6% commission on home sales was sacrosanct, but some agents have increasingly been willing to negotiate lower commissions for their services. Flat-fee brokerages have also popped up, offering a fixed cost that sellers can count on that’s often lower than the percentage-based commission would be. Related: Where Millennials are buying homes The issue raises a huge debate in the real-estate community, with full-service agents arguing that they fully earn their commissions by bringing in more potential buyers and eventually getting higher sale prices. Yet with some agencies offering incentives to buyers and sellers that reduce net commission costs, sellers should realize that they have leverage in coming up with a deal that works for them.

Source: Selling a home in 2016? Here’s what you need to know – Dec. 24, 2015

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Man gets life sentence for Ark. Realtor’s death

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Many of us in the Real Estate community have followed this story of one of our own that was kidnapped and killed in the Arkansas. Real Estate can be a very dangerous profession and sadly, most of us forget that. If you want to view a house, EXPECT the REALTOR to ask that you come to the office and copy their drivers license, and meet prior to going to the house. RESPECT them and our profession. This is how we must do business in this new age.

January 18 2016

An Arkansas man was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole Friday for the suffocation death of a real estate agent he was accused of luring to a fake home showing as part of a plot to kidnap her for ransom.

Arron Lewis’ punishment came shortly after a jury in Little Rock convicted him of capital murder and kidnapping for the death of 50-year-old Beverly Carter. She disappeared in September 2014 after telling her husband that she was showing a house to a prospective buyer in a rural area near Little Rock.

Prosecutors said Lewis and his estranged wife, Crystal Lowery, set up the fake house showing with Carter, then he kidnapped her. They argued that Carter was killed when the ransom plot went awry.Her body was later found in a shallow grave at a concrete plant where Lewis once worked. The face was covered with what prosecutors called a death mask made of duct tape. An autopsy determined she had been suffocated.

Lewis’ attorneys argued that Carter died accidentally during a consensual sex act, a claim that prosecutors said was a total fabrication.Carter’s son, Carl Carter Jr., said his mother was wrongly portrayed. “For the guilty to be able to drag her sweet name through the mud … it is awful,” he said during a victim impact statement he gave in court before Lewis was sentenced.

Outside court later, he said, “The only thing that Beverly Carter did that day was go to work.”Defense attorney Bill James said during his closing argument that financial problems, marital problems and other issues reasonably could have led Carter to have an affair.But Pulaski County Deputy Prosecutor Barbara Mariani said the defense didn’t prove reasonable doubt in the case – and instead presented Lewis’ story that was hurtful to Carter’s friends and family.”It wasn’t enough to watch her slowly, agonizingly die in terror. He continues the victimization past her death,” Mariani said in her closing argument.Lewis, 35, who testified in his own defense, described burying Carter’s body and binding her with duct tape. But he insisted that he did not kill her, instead pinning her death on Lowery.

Lowery pleaded guilty last year to first-degree murder and kidnapping and was sentenced to 30 years in prison. She testified as a witness for the prosecution and denied Lewis’ claims that the death was accidental.After sentencing, Chief Deputy Prosecutor John Johnson said Lewis “didn’t do himself any favors” by testifying.

Johnson was able to point to alleged contradictions in Lewis’ version of events, including how he came to have an audio recording on his phone of Carter telling her husband to do what her kidnapper said and to not call police. Lewis was automatically sentenced to life in prison without parole on the capital murder charge, and the jury sentenced him to an additional consecutive life term on the kidnapping charge.

The prosecution got the conviction despite not being able to use some evidence gathered by police in the case.Pulaski County Circuit Judge Herbert Wright cited missteps by law enforcement when he ruled in December that much evidence couldn’t be used at trial – including some statements Lewis made to police and items found in Lewis’ car trunk, including Carter’s hair and duct tape.

Source: Man gets life sentence for Ark. Realtor’s death

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4 Ways to Help a Home Seller Tackle Clutter

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One of the most cost-effective ways to prepare a home for sale is to organize it, but I know for many home sellers it’s no easy task.

It’s important to contain and, in fact, erase clutter for three reasons:

  • Gain more square footage.
  • Showcase the positive features in the home.
  • Buyers can visualize living in the space.

Clutter comes in all different forms and it lingers in most homes. So if you see piles of paperwork, clothes on the floor, stuffed closets — it’s time to de-clutter!

Here are some tips:

1. Start small. Organizing is an evolving process that changes as the needs of a home owner change. Start small: One room, one closet, one corner. Just start somewhere! To make it count, tackle the first cluttered area a home buyer would see as they walk into the home.

2. Schedule it. Many times a home owner never starts the decluttering process because of time constraints. Schedule blocks of time (2-4 hours) or even just 15 minutes a day depending on what needs to be organized to make your goal a reality.

3. Find a home. One reason why clutter can build up in a home is if an item is homeless. Creating a place for each item in your home is a crucial part to obtaining an organized home. Of course, keeping the space in order only happens when you return an item back to it’s home after use.

4. Adopt “good habits.” By always returning an item home, you’re building in a maintenance system in your organizing process. Another good habit to adopt is to take 5-10 minutes every night and put items away. This way when you wake up in the morning, the house is ready to show off.

Source: 4 Ways to Help a Home Seller Tackle Clutter

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One-Third of Deals Face Closing Delays | Realtor Magazine

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You may want to brace your clients: Closing glitches can be fairly common.

The three biggest causes for a closing delay:

  • Buyer financing setbacks
  • Home inspection issues
  • Appraisals that are different from the agreed-upon contracted sales price

That’s according to a survey conducted last month by the National Association of REALTORS® of more than 2,600 real estate professionals who were reflecting on their sales and purchases for the previous three months.

The survey found that 32 percent – or nearly one-third – of all real estate transactions encounter some type of delay to closing. Of those real estate professionals who say they’ve faced delays, 46 percent say it was caused by “financing issues,” up from 40 percent during the first half of 2015, according to NAR’s survey. Appraisal problems prompted 21 percent of the delays, and issues that arose from home inspections triggered 14 percent of the postponements to closing, the survey found.

For about 6 percent of the deals, the buyer and seller eventually never made it to closing and the deal fell through completely. Home inspection issues and financing problems were cited as the primary reasons why. The most common reasons financing falls apart in the last minute is that credit scores can change between loan approval and closing, says Whitney Watson, a loan officer for First Heritage Mortgage in Glen Allen, Va.

“Buyers must avoid taking on any additional credit while they wait until closing – which means, for example, not making new furniture expenditures on credit and buying a new car on credit either”. Also, Watson says another common reason for financing to fall through is the debt-to-income ratios changes if the loan underwriter later discovers a buyer had not disclosed ongoing payment obligations, such as child support.

A new survey from Ellie Mae released this week shows that it takes an average of 49 days to close on a residential mortgage loan in December. A year prior, the average days to close was 42 days. November was the first month that many closings were affected by the TILA/RESPA Integrated Disclosure rules, which took effect Oct. 3.

Source: “One-Third of Realty Transactions Are Plagued by Delays, Some of Them Fatal,” The Washington Post (Jan. 20, 2016) and “Average Time to Close Increases By a Week for December: Ellie Mae,” National Mortgage News (Jan. 20, 2016)


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Our Amazing Agents

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We survey every client, whether a deal closes or not, our agents rate 10 out of 10 every time! Why? Because our agents are involved in our community and in their trade. You will always find an Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage Agent at the local events and helping out with service and volunteerism.  Our agents give their time at the Kings Center, Space Coast Power Team (delivering food to the needy), Eastern Florida State College, Junior Achievement and many other civic organizations.  They also are the best agents in the field; connected with Women’s Council of Realtors® and other organizations that keep them at the top of their game and at the top of their field.

All of our Agents at Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage continue their education and are the most up to date on the latest news!

Click Here to Pick a Great Realtor® – an Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage Agent!

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Brevard County Entertainment

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Atlantic Real Estate Brokerage

With activities to be found from Canaveral National Seashore Park to Sebastian Inlet State Park, there are miles and miles of sandy beaches for recreation. Brevard County Florida parks and recreation departments supply plenty of places for family entertainment, along with private businesses, and recreational facilities such as golf courses, racquetball courts, ball fields, skateboard parks, an ice-skating rink, beach and lake-side parks. Port Canaveral has a thriving cruise-ship industry, home to Royal Caribbean, NCL, Carnival and Disney Cruise trips to the Caribbean. Kennedy Space Center, NASA, and Astronaut Hall of Fame, provide wonderful family recreational opportunities. The Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts brings a wide variety of famous comedians, bands, musical, theatrical, and intellectual fare on a year-round basis.

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